To Boost our Competitive Edge
We aim to improve our employees ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace, inculcate the sense of team work, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations. Trainings help us inculcate the zeal to learn within the employees. It helps to build a motivated and committed team. Our Skilled employees put their best efforts to help customers by all means.

Our trainings
Employee orientation
The first days of work are crucial to a new employee's success. We structure proper orientation for the new employee, and teach the company's goals, and how they can be a part of achieving them. Our key leaders are also part of employee orientation.

In-house training
Training is not just for new employees. We continue to upgrade the skills of current employees, which will help them adjust to changes in their job requirements. We provide a platform where employees respond better to in-house trainers because they're familiar with the person and the workplace.

Periodic in-house training are done in a group . Various trainings conducted in-house are like soft skill trainings, product trainings/ workshops, technical trainings, team building, soft skills etc. .

External training
We also offer out-of-house training, by sending excellent performers to various seminars, college courses or workshops. We have tie - ups with top B- Schools where we send our employees to enhance their leadership/ sales skills etc

This kind of training provides new skills, stimulates creative ideas and instills employee commitment, which is brought back to the workplace & keep them in high spirits

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