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“Right from the fetus stage, quality healthcare becomes our fourth basic need. When the wheels started to roll, technology evolved, and now it is transforming healthcare, making it better and affordable. Several innovations saved time, empowered many to eliminate the expensive price tag, and made the cure possible.”

Since 1997, the journey of Trivitron Healthcare as a medical technology company providing affordable healthcare solutions has woven a fascinating thread of inspiration for many healthcare providers. Trivitron markets its products to hospitals, individual healthcare providers, independent clinics and laboratories, extended care facilities, renal care centers, and all other roofs providing healthcare solutions. As a pioneer in the field, Trivitron constantly pursues technological innovations to offer superior clinical benefits at a lower cost. At Trivitron, quality healthcare is considered a fundamental right, and the vision is to make it available for people of all classes

With solid research and development expertise, Trivitron manufactures and distributes exceptional medical technology products to 180+ countries. A family of 2,500+ employees housed in 25 offices and the support of 1,200+ channel partners prepares the organization for unexpected challenges and aligns the daily activities with its vision. With 15 USFDA, CE-certified manufacturing facilities in India, USA, Finland, Turkey & China, supported by several R&D tie-ups with global leaders, Trivitron has 100,000+ happy customers across the globe. Today, Trivitron spearheads innovation in Newborn Screening, In-Vitro Diagnostics, Imaging & Radiology, Renal Care Portfolio, Radiation Protection, Critical Care, and Operating Room Solutions, thus, engraving its name as a holistic healthcare provider.

Vision :

To be the largest, most respected and admired Medical Technology Company of Indian origin with a global presence promoting cost-effective medical technology products and services.

Mission :

To innovate and provide Medical Technology Products, Services and Solutions to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone across the globe.

  • Clients across 180 Countries
  • 1200 Channel Partners
  • 12 Warehouses
  • 13 CE Certified Manufacturing Facilities
  • 5 Dedicated Innovation Centers
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