Intensive Care

Intensive or Critical Care helps people with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. It treats problems related to complications happened from accidents, infections, surgeries and severe breathing problems. The treatment here involves close and constant attention by a team of specially trained medical professionals. The treatment usually takes place in a specially designed environment called as Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Trauma Center.


3 Channel ECG Recorder Model I beat 3v Pro

iBeat 3V Pro is the ECG Recorder with 7” Display which helps to preview the ECG before taking printout. And it offers huge storage up to 10000 ECGs in XML/PDF/BMP formats in the inbuilt SD Card.

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Anesthesia Pendant

Equipment Management Pendant (EMP 135-D) provides a degree of versatility that can enhance workplace efficiency to support clinical processes in Operation Theatre area. The pendant is specially designed to enhance the workflow in the busy OR environment providing all medical gas & electrical services and facilitating equipment management for the Anesthetists.

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Bed Head Panels

Sleek design made of GI and Aluminum Powder coated material with provisions for Gas Terminal Units and sockets for power and data.

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eVolution 3e Essential Ventilator

The eVolution 3e Ventilators are available in two variants; External Compressor based technology & Built-in Turbine based technology. These ventilators are a result of a new paradigm shift in ventilator design that makes it extremely efficient and high-performing.

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Flogard Plus Syringe Pump

Flogard Plus delivers Precise Flow Compatible with disposable syringes from 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml at different Flow rates like ml/min, ml/h.

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HPL Boards

Wall / Ceiling Panels

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