Mammography is the study of the breasts using radiography. The purpose of this radiographic technique is to visualize breast tissue and highlight abnormalities. It is one of the essential tests to detect early stages of breast cancer and other diseases related to the breasts. Mammography images can help the doctors to find even very small tumors and defects before they become a problem for the patient.


Selenia Dimensions 2D3D

Breast Imaging for Today and Beyond.The Selenia Dimensions 2D system is the ideal choice for centers that want a flexible digital breast imaging platform with state-of-the-art image acquisition and display features.Digital Mammography and Breast Tomosynthesis from Hologic.Selenia Dimensions starts with technology similar to that of our celebrated Selenia full-field digital mammography system. With its large amorphous selenium detector, it too can “direct capture” conventional digital mammograms with the same extraordinary clarity you’ve come to expect from Selenia. And incorporating a tungsten tube means we can do it with even less patient radiation dose than before. But Selenia Dimensions takes you to the next step in detection: fast, low-dose, high-quality tomosynthesis images of the breast.

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