Cytology is the study of structure, function and chemistry of cells. This branch of biology deals directly with the structural and functional organization of cells and also with metabolism, ontogenetic differentiation, heredity, and phylogeny. The cytological observations have excellent cellular details, as the concentration here is only on the cells.


Compass™ Stainer

A compact stainer for Cytology stainsOptimized Staining Throughput with an Efficient Laboratory Footprint. A fully automated stainer for Histologic and Cytologic slides.

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ThinPrep® 2000 Processor

ThinPrep® 2000 ProcessorBeyond the conventional PAP smearA semi-automated sample preparation instrument to prepare gynecological and general cytology specimens.

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ThinPrep® 5000 Processor

ThinPrep® 5000 ProcessorFully Automated Sample Processor for PAP test

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ThinPrep® Integrated Imager

ThinPrep® Integrated ImagerIntegrates Imaging & slide reviewCombines proven ThinPrep imaging technology and slide reviewing into one system. 

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