Employee Centricity

Driving people. Spreading smiles.

Trivitron upholds the virtue of all round development of its employees. It is an undeniable fact that the employee of an organization is the one who gets impacted by its policies at the first place. Therefore, we have always endorsed Employee Centricity as a major objective.

We could have never been able to attain these heights without the dedication and hard work of our employees.

Trivitron has people from all walks of life. Some may be as fresh as the morning dew, while others may be as mature as aged cheese. The fathomless pool of talent that we have, gives rise to some of the most mind-boggling ideas which are implemented for the benefit of the organization.

To make our employees more confident and free from apprehensions, we provide them various platforms were they can share their ideas, speak their mind, provide a constructive feedback, and/or communicate with the management. This approach makes them realize that they too have a say in the affairs of the company. This is one small step taken by the company to empower our employees.

Trivitron as an organization, undertakes the following initiatives for its employees so that they can communicate with the management

Open House

The agenda of ‘Open house’ is simple yet effective- “meet and talk with open mind”. Honest and open communication is the key ingredient of every Open House that we conduct. This forum gives our employees an opportunity to have an open dialogue with the Group CPO and HR Team. It acts as a reflective session where the upper management is made aware of the expectations of the employees working at Trivitron and vice-versa.

Harmony Saturday

Harmony Saturdays are planned every month as an exercise to foster better co-ordination across various teams. Entire team assemble under one roof and various team building activities and fun sessions are being carried out to inculcate the spirit of ‘oneness’ among the team members. Also, through a series of presentations and discussions, the team is made aware of the existing state of affairs, future plans, market growth and various other aspects of the organization.