Trivitronians Corner

After working in various segments for more than a decade, I have a belief "Learning never gets old". In Trivitron, one always has the opportunity to interact with the co-workers from diverse regions, educational, functional, and technical backgrounds, as well as participating on diverse projects with different clients."
"Trivitron is built on a work ethos of quality product, ethical action, and client success."
In the world of Trivitron, no one goes unnoticed; every month there's an opportunity to prove the mettle to be the 'Rockstar'.
For me, Trivitron is a good career-investment that gives positive returns in the form of recognition, growth, opportunities and deserving success.

Prabhik Jain Assistant Manager, Diagnostics, New Delhi

I am proud to be part of the Trivitron Group and working here is a great pleasure for me. I am surrounded by individuals who are generous in sharing knowledge for the purpose of making the teams better. The most important thing about the company is the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment with very talented colleagues. Our company is people centric with its primary focus always on its human capital. Our company allows employees to grow together with the company with the special programs prepared for personal and career development. Trivitron Group is also a great company with strong core values and excellent potential.

Murat Celik R&D Manager – Biochemistry Department, Bome, Ankara

Working at Trivitron is a great pleasure and a privilege. As a part of Healthcare conglomerate, I am surrounded by a diverse cultural environment & team, which gives a great sense of pride. It is because of Trivitron that I have developed my skills and learnt a lot about healthcare ecosystem. The positive atmosphere at Trivitron is noticeable at all levels. People smile; people are helpful; people are upbeat; people are genuine; which makes Trivitron a Great Company to work for. Proud to be part Trivitron

Dhanajay Sinha Zonal Head, Imaging, New Delhi

Joined Trivitron in year 2008. During my tenure of 10 plus years Trivitron has undergone many ups and downs. But as an employee the company has never allowed me to experience any hurdle even when it is passing through tough times. I must say for an employee Trivitron has oceans of opportunities to choose the right career path, which none of the other companies can offer. A wonderful leadership of Dr. Velu and his capability to imagine possible future challenges well in advance has made Trivitron a stable company. Today Trivitron is No.1 Indian Origin Medical Technology Company with entire range of products. Proud to work for such a wonderful organization.

Santosh Marathi Technical Support Manager, Imaging, Chennai

It is an honor and privilege to be part of the Chairman's Club 2018-19. The organizing team including Mr. Chander Sharma, Ms. Geetika Bhutani,
Mr. Amitesh Nigam with guidance from our CPO Ms. Chandra Ganjoo and Chairman Dr. Velu have put immense effort in recognizing, encouraging and training future leaders of the group. From the very beginning - immaculate planning and purposeful implementation has benefited each one of us immensely.
Personally, this has been a highly rewarding experience for me. A mirror has been held to me encouraging me to identify my strength areas and areas where I need to improve. 'Change' - for the better has been the mantra that I have picked up after being part of this elite group. Positivity and Belief have been truly instilled in me. These change have started to show benefits not only in my professional life but also in my personal life.
Thank you Chairman's Club for giving me this opportunity; thank you for igniting a major change for best.

Subramanian Murugan Supply Chain and Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ldx, Vantaa

Trivitron-Great Place To Work which has amazing work culture. I am working in Trivitron for more than 9 years. Trivitron is the company that lives by its core values. One of the greatest benefits is, Trivitron promotes Self Learning and development of the employees that are deeply collaborative with culture of the organization. The Top Management team will listen to the Ground level staff and support to take more responsibilities that contributed towards the day to day growth of the Company.
I really enjoy working in Trivitron and proud to be a Trivitronian.

Chandrakala.N Senior Executive Hr & Admin, Bangalore