Radiation Protection

Kiran's  Radiation Protection products are made with proprietary materials designed to meet varying applications for interventional radiology and cardiology procedures, CT labs, surgery, and general radiology. Constant innovation in material sciences have helped Kiran develop some of the finest radiation protection products that offer the highest level of radiation attenuation, is lightweight, ergonomic, and aesthetically appealing. Kiran offers a wide range of radiology products for interventional radiology and cardiology procedures, CT labs, surgery and general radiology.


Radiation Protection Apparel

With Kiran's wide range of radiation protection products, there is never any compromise on the image quality and safety. The portfolio of Kiran is made from proprietary materials, each designed for specialized purposes. Apart from a manufacturer of X-ray Cassette, Kiran also produces Radiation Protection Accessories such as Radiation protection Aprons, Shields and Skirt Vest, Disposable Radiation Protection Gloves.

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Radiation Protection Eyeware

Kiran's range of eyewear is specially designed to protect the sensitive human eye from radiation. Finely ground European glass absorbs 99% radiation while the light, molded frame makes the eye wear comfortable to wear for long durations. Healthcare professionals all around the world relies on Kiran for high-quality radiation protection eye wears. 

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Radiation Protection Gloves

One of the prominent organs of our body occasionally exposed to the direct X-ray beam is the hands. Kiran’s effort to protect every part of the body from radiation, its latest innovation is the unmatched range of disposable lead-free radiation protection gloves that provide the highest possible protection. Kiran gloves are lead free and easy to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner.

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Radiation Protection Shields

Kiran's range of special-purpose and multi-purpose shields protects the sensitive parts of the human body. Protect yourself and your patients with radiation protection shields, drapes, and barriers designed with highly ergonomic safety features to block scattered radiation in standard and specialty diagnostic procedures.

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OEM Raw Materials

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Kiran customizes designs based on the needs. When it comes to Radiation Protection Apparel, Kiran matches with the international quality standards as the offered products are designed using advanced technology and premium quality raw materials in line with the medical norms. Any healthcare centre can avail the products, according to their requirements.

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