Today, the complicated surgeries are powered by precise image guidance, making it easy for the surgeons. These image-guided surgeries use systems that capture and relay the patient's anatomy and the surgeon's precise movements in real time captured through cameras or electromagnetic fields. Kiran, as an imaging and radiology brand, provides C-Arm machines to aid the surgeons during critical surgeries.


Flat Panel based Digital C-Arm

Elite/Infinity Series of Flat Panel based Digital C-Arm is an Innovative and Intuitive Surgical Technology C-Arm System that provides High Precision, High Quality Imaging. Elite/Infinity addresses Clinical Value as well as Overall Workflow. Low Dose Fluoroscopy made possible with Flat Panel Detector Technology, makes this C-Arm a perfect addition for a Hybrid OR and are equipped with Digital Subtraction Angiography and Road Mapping. 

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Image Intensifier based C-Arm

Available in both, Elite & Infinity Series, Surgical C-Arm are medical imaging devices that are based on X-ray technology and can be used flexibly in various ORs within a clinic. Equipped with High Frequency Super Harmonic Generator, Elite & Infinity Series of Image Intensifier based C-Arms provide high-contrast imaging with intuitive software for convenient selection from multiple configurations and provide a user friendly keyboard interface at an affordable price point.

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Motorized Digital C-Arm

A Digital C-Arm with completely motorized movements which is an innovative and intuitive imaging system that is quintessential for a Hybrid OR. Kiran Elite/Infinity Series of Motorized C-Arm is equipped with Flat Panel Detector based Technology that provides uncompromised image quality with improved Dose Control. With Motorized Digital C-Arm, experience smoother workflow and Clinical Versatility. Designed for applications in orthopedics, urology, cardiovascular, gastro and neuro surgery. Smart Touch - Touch Screen based User Interface allows the surgeon to access the handy selection tab menu and the acquired images without stepping out of the sterile field.

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