Operating Room Solutions

Operating Room Solutions division provides complete solutions for operating theatres. Developing a paperless and hassle-free environment for the operating rooms improve cost effectiveness and patient outcomes. Various instruments include pendants, surgical tables, surgical lights, surgical instruments, cladding, endoscopes, warming cabinets, etc.


Anesthesia Pendant

Equipment Management Pendant (EMP 135-D) provides a degree of versatility that can enhance workplace efficiency to support clinical processes in Operation Theatre area. The pendant is specially designed to enhance the workflow in the busy OR environment providing all medical gas & electrical services and facilitating equipment management for the Anesthetists.

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Bed Head Panels

Sleek design made of GI and Aluminum Powder coated material with provisions for Gas Terminal Units and sockets for power and data.

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Ventilation systems have its unique design whereby the air supply is diagonally from the air source surface towards the operating table. The air supply stream is guided with a slit injected with a booster fan system. The sterile instrument table is continuously flushed with fresh sterile air. The air design is based on air guiding principle where by the filtered air is guided to flow from a clean area to a less clean area and then exhausted - meets air quality tests of lowest particle counts, fungus and bacteria counts.

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HPL Boards

Wall / Ceiling Panels

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HVAC Systems

Reliable and energy efficient AHUs are compact modular units, which enable customized design to meet your needs of varying air volumes and static pressures.

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