Micro immunofluorescence assay (MIFA) has an established position as a standard method in Chlamydia pneumoniae serology. Labsystems Diagnostic's Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG/IgM and IgA MIFA kits include C. pneumoniae antigens and additionally also C. trachomatis and C. psittaci/LPS antigens. No egg yolk control is needed. Group-specific LPS reaction is eliminated from C.pneumoniae and C.trachomatis antigens.


Chlamydia pneumoniae MIF assays

Labsystems Diagnostics' Chlamydia pneumoniae IgG/IgM and IgA micro-IF tests are microimmunofluorescence (MIF) assays for the detection of antibodies against Chlamydophila pneumoniae (Chlamydia pneumoniae) in human serum or plasma.

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