Mobile Radiography Solutions


Radiology is literally on the move with Mobile X-Ray equipment. Ultisys 3.5 is a comprehensive and versatile Mobile Radiography System from Kiran with easy-to-use, well-proven features for streamlined operation. Ultisys 3.5 provides ease of mobility & faster imaging making it the best solution across all departments with minimal footprint. Ultisys 3.5 is designed for Radiographic Imaging in different healthcare centres and in different clinical specialties like Radiology, Orthopaedics & Urology; making it a smart investment with excellent diagnostic value. The product meets all the essential requirements in terms of ease of use, mobility, manoeuvrability with high quality images that’s rich in contrast offering excellent diagnostic value and is available in both Analog as well as Digital variant. Ultisys 3.5 Mobile X-Ray is ideally suited for applications in ICUs, OTs, Wards and Sports Centres.

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