Operating Room Solutions

Trivitron's Operating Room Solutions provide customized operating theaters by designing them around the physicians, surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists so that they can carry out the procedures quickly and precisely. These Operating Room Solutions optimize the workflow and increases productivity.


Modular Operation Theater Solutions

Trivitron Healthcare provides turnkey OT solutions that are highly reliable and patient welfare centric. From pendants to modular OTs, Trivitron Healthcare provides superior quality equipment with world-class features. The unique requirements of each OT are carefully analyzed and Trivitron Healthcare provides the most customizable, state-of-the-art ICU equipment and operating room.

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OT Lights

Trivitron provides ideal operating lighting equipment for modern operating rooms and clinics. Right from the examination lamps, mobile operation lamps to shadow less ceiling operation lights, Trivitron provides holistic OT lighting solutions. Various products include Astramax HD-LED and Quasar HD-LED.

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OT Pendant Solutions

Trivitron presents a complete line of OT Pendant Solutions that can be the helping arm for the surgeons during the surgeries, intensive care treatments, endoscopies, anesthesia as well as the diagnostic applications. These well-established pendants facilitate equipment management for the professionals inside the operating theatres. These pendants create a workable environment for precise treatment.

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