Ot table

When it comes to ICU Equipment, the list includes ventilators to assist breathing via tubes, cardiac monitors, Operating rooms, wall and ceiling panels, OT Control Panels, OT Storage Cabinets, ICU/OT Pendant Solutions, Microsurgical Table, HVAC Systems, Bed Head Panels, Mobile Pendant, Integration systems, Hemodialysis, Synthetic Polysulfone Dialyser, Patient Monitoring, ECG, Defibrillator, Infusion and Syringe Pumps. Trivitron even goes a step ahead by providing quality flooring and dooring solutions along with these products.


iSupport Series

iSupport series surgical tables are reliable operating tables that have easy-to-use handling features, generous weight and height restrictions and versatility that make them well suited for countless procedures such as cardiovascular, pediatric, gynecology, abdominal, gall bladder, plastic surgery and more.

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