Employee Engagement Activities
Trivitron is an organization which invests in its people. We belief that all work and no fun will break a person. We want people to have fun at their work and thus was born the TVT Club which spearheads this activity. We have activities spread over the year, in which employees participate to win prizes as well as contribute to the society as well.

We celebrate the major festivals in the organization in the best possible manner. But we do not restrict to festivals alone we commemorate various other events and activities of national and international importance. Mentioned are some of the celebrations that we have had and few of the past memories are shared with you.

Annual Employee Meet
On 25th June, Trivitron Healthcare conducted its Employee Meet in Chennai. With various activities like Yoga, Ted Talks Videos, Leadership talk and Motivational speeches, the management also gave a platform for everyone to be a part of an Open House Q&A session. Followed by a grand lunch and birthday celebrations, the whole day was deeply entertaining and motivating.


World Environment Day celebrations
Trvivitron Healthcare celebrates 'The World Environment day' across all its regional offices to create awareness on the environment protections. The theme was 'Making the world a better place to live'. Various activities like painting competitions conducted on both regional and group level. Also to mark this occasion all the regional offices have planted trees as part of the CSR initiative.


The Trivitron annual strategy meet kicked off at Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. It offers a great chance for Trivitronians to plan the year ahead and brainstorm innovative ideas to help improve people, process and performance in their respective divisions.

Women's day special
International Women's Day events are held worldwide on March 8. Here's a peak at the celebrations held in Trivitron on this year's Women's Day:

Trivitronians Diwali celebration
With neatly decorated flowers, delicious sweets and fun-filled events, Trivitronians celebrated the Diwali in an exquisite manner in all our branches. Here is a glimpse of those celebrations!

Trivitronians celebrated the Founder's Day!
Celebrating 18 years of excellence, we would like to thank our founder and visionary Dr.GSK Velu for his steadfast commitment to the Trivitron's vision of catering accessible and affordable medical solutions to a global clientele.

Here is a glimpse of the Founder's Day Celebrations of Trivitronians from around the globe!

St. Thomas School, Uthandi

Trivitron conducted Blood Donation Camp at Mumbai and Chennai on 10th and 12th June '15



Spandan 2015 event
Trivitron family day out Spandan was held on the 22nd of April 2015 at the VGP Golden Beach Resort, Chennai. It was a well-planned, all day event that celebrated the role of family in professional life. The aim of this event was to bring the family members of Trivitronians in to the Trivitronian family. A lot of work had gone into make this event successful. We had individuals coming across to take responsibility for each event and have put up a great show.

Spandan also served as a platform to show case the hidden talents of Trivitronians. From dance performances to balloon shooting, from nail art to magic tricks, the Trivitron family day out was all about entertainment and family time. It was a day filled with fun, love and much laughter, indeed!

Memorable Moments - Run for Health, 4th April 2015'

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