Employee Driven

Driving people. Spreading smiles.

Learning & Development

Trivitron takes pride in calling itself as a Learning Organization. When the need is identified right, the apt intervention can be provided a.k.a. Surgical Strikes can be conducted in the form of Training Programs.

This is what Trivitron did.

The management decided where its people should be headed. The HR team supported them by showing how to head there.

Trivitron believes being objective is an important measure in creating the Employees’ Trust and Satisfaction. It engaged the world’s largest HR consulting firm towards creating a Competency Framework for the Organization. State-of-the-art Psychometric testing tools have been used to map every individual against the Organizational competencies. Intervention in the form of Training Programs is being conducted regularly for all the employees on a global scale. This is how the important Held Vs Required competency gaps are being fixed.

Selected Senior Management staff members were put across a 6-month Mentoring Session where an external mentor is assigned to help them achieve their goals. The complete Leadership Team is engaged in a 9-month long individual coaching programs under various renowned CFI certified coaches.

Fast Track Growth Opportunities

Who doesn’t like to be in the fast lane to success? For those who can make the cut, Trivitron has a tailor made program called Chairman’s Club.

The members of this club are handpicked based on their consistent performance displayed over the past years are directly mentored by the Chairman and Managing Director of the organization. They are provided with specific skill enhancing training programs, which include eLearning and Classroom Sessions. The challenge, though, this membership has to be earned year on year by the employee.

Product Training

Continuous learning for our Field Staff in the form of product training programs is being conducted at regular intervals to build a motivated and committed team.