Diagnostic Sonography

Sonographic practice includes but is not limited to the specialties of musculoskeletal, paediatric, breast, abdominal, vascular, cardiac, superficial organs, obstetrics and gynecology. Unlike other diagnostic methods, here the quality of the sonographic examination is basically linked to the skill of the sonographer. The examination and the interpretation of sonographic findings of the recorded anatomical images will be done by the Physician who prescribed for the Diagnostic Sonography.


Arietta 65

Arietta 65 is a definitive diagnostic ultrasound with optimized productivity that delivers improved outcomes. A Versatile system by Hitachi that integrates the latest technologies and functionality, making it the optimal choice for any clinical setting. Arietta 65 combines Superb Imaging with Ease of Workflow to provide the ultimate clinical performance.

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Arietta S70

The ARIETTA S70 incorporates all the proven technologies and functions that medical professionals have come to expect from Hitachi. Arietta S70 is the definitive diagnostic ultrasound solution for any clinical setting. The Arietta platform provides the ultimate in clinical performance with its state-of-the-art features and user-friendly workflow

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A compact system with outstanding performance for a wide range of clinical applications, F31 is developed with the purpose of providing what is necessary for natural and comfortable examinations.

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High-end Whole body Color Doppler System

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Prosound 2

For both High Image Quality and PortabilityThe ProSound 2 has been developed to meet the demand for high image quality in a portable unit. 

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