From the Founder's Desk
Dear Customers and Associates

Happiness comes with good health and being a healthcare company, I wish all of you a healthy new year 2016! The year 2015 has been one of the most exciting years for Trivitron as a Group for which I am indebted to you and your continued support. Trivitron has enjoyed success across all its verticals and accomplished what each vertical had set out to do. New product launches in Labsystems Diagnostics have contributed largely to our success. Today, Trivitron is one of the two companies in the world to have the entire product line in Newborn Screening including Immuno Assays, Mass Spec, thanks to our Finland division.

Within a 5-year period, from being a simple trading company in 2010 with almost 100% revenue/profits coming from trading, we are now passing out of 2015 with almost 85% of our profits and more than 2/3rd of our revenue coming from our own manufacturing activities, especially in the diagnostics and imaging fields. That is an achievement in its own right!

Our philosophy of "Speaking our customer's language" and serving them with "Smiles" has not changed since our inception in 1997. Some of our significant accomplishments in 2015 include:
  • Launching of the Mass Spec Kit
  • Kiran's evolution into a holistic X-ray company that provides X-ray equipment
  • Established ourselves as the no.2 Dialysis player in the country, under new leadership
  • Filed yet another patent, this time for the first time detection of Urease for Newborns using Mass Spectrometry
Trivitron is a hospital hold name with most of the major hospitals having at least some of Trivitron products. With 8 factories, 3 research centers and many more to come, Trivitron is set to grow in the international medical technology arena, to be a globally acclaimed medical technology company. Here is a brief outline of the trajectory for 2016:
  • Process and People will be the focus area for Trivitron, this calendar year
  • Trivitron will be the first to introduce Point of Birth Newborn Screening test in 2016
  • Kiran is set to launch their own C-arm, X-ray, mammography and possibly digital radiography in 2016.
  • Carefully planned initiatives will be implemented in 2016 to propel CLSS
  • HR initiatives, focused on entry level Trivitronians to help them grow in their careers by improving their soft skills and hard skills
  • Now that all our verticals are running in SAP, Trivitron is set to invest in a well-implemented CRM to become a process-oriented company that is compliant to the international way of functioning across all verticals
With 2016 ahead of us, we have yet another year filled with opportunities, which we should make the most of and continue unwaveringly towards our common goal of making healthcare accessible and affordable to larger sections of population. You have been the reason for Trivitron's growth the last few years and I am sure 2016 is going to be no different. Thank you for being the beacon of support and making Trivitron a reputable medical technology brand across the globe.

Dr G S K Velu,
Chairman & Managing Director, Trivitron Group of Companiess
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