Biosystems Trivitron Diagnostics Ltd
BioSystems Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., (BDPL) is a JV of BioSystems SA (Spain) and Trivitron Healthcare established in 2003, initially for trading BioSystems IVD Reagents and Instruments nationwide which was later converted into manufacturing JV. Biosystems Trivitron Diagnostics solutions has established the State-Of-The-Art In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Reagents manufacturing facility at Trivitron Medical Technology Park, Sriperumbudur, near Chennai.

Biosystems SA, Spain is one of the leading manufacturers of Clinical Chemistry Reagents & Instruments, Immunofluorescence Reagents & Instruments, Immunoturbidimetry Reagents, etc. for over 3 decades and has a reputation for consistent quality. Biosystems has its manufacturing facility at Barcelona and this would be the first facility outside of Spain for their Clinical Chemistry products manufacturing.The manufacturing plant is a one of its kind manufacturing facility designed following international standards including ISO, GMP-DCA to manufacture and market Clinical Diagnostic products.

The estimated total volume of Reagents to be produced in the Plant is around 1,50,000L/year. This is being set up with the help of a Technical expert from Spain with long experience in setting up such plants. This plant would be incorporating all contemporary technologies and would be better than the Spanish facility in every way. The plant design is scalable to double the capacity whenever necessary and would be the largest and the most Hitech in the Indian Region. This facility would not only cater to the domestic market but also supply to the other overseas markets.

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