Management Team

Working together for the greater good

Dr G.S.K. Velu

Chairman & Managing Director

Man who dreams of making India a self-sufficient nation in terms of medical technology, expertise and quality healthcare is Dr. GSK Velu.

Dr. Velu has been awarded several recognition and has been named as "parallel entrepreneur" by Forbes and "first generation serial entrepreneur" by many but one thing he will always be - a proud waiver of the Indian flag in the face of tough international competition.Dr. Velu's vision, determination and futuristic approach to make healthcare affordable to one and all made it possible for the tens of thousands of Indians who accessed medical technology, diagnostic services, eye care, dental care and dialysis services which ...

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Partha Sarthi De

Executive Director & Group CFO

Chandra Ganjoo

Executive Director, Group CPO & Head Corporate Communications

P Perianayagam

Group COO

Z. N. Benaissa

Group Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Dr. P. Siva Kumar

CEO – Trivitron Healthcare, India

Satyaki Banerjee

CEO - Kiran Medical Systems