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Trivitron Healthcare sets up a New Ultrasound manufacturing facility in India

18 - April - 2022

Trivitron Healthcare, one of the global manufacturers of medical devices sets up its second Ultrasound manufacturing facility in India at Patalganga Industrial Area, Mumbai. India is hugely dependent on the import of medical devices and this causes a huge impact on the country’s GDP and lack of proper healthcare facilities in the rural areas due to the heavy cost and comparative short shelf life of the imported devices. 

Under the ‘Make in India’ initiative and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, Trivitron Healthcare is focusing on making the best quality indigenous medical devices and diagnostic products to make healthcare equitable and accessible for all. The new manufacturing facility of Trivitron Healthcare will be manufacturing a wide range of advanced ultrasound devices and accessories, using the state of art manufacturing facilities and advanced technology as per the current market requirements to enhance medical practice in India and across the globe. The integrated cutting edge technology in the new ultrasound devices by Trivitron Healthcare makes them an ideal choice for those who want great quality and premium level performance. 

The ultrasound products manufactured in the new manufacturing facility, will be sold under the brand name SonoRad, and are designed for large hospitals, healthcare institutions and individual radiology centres. With the integration of several technologies and advanced features, the series is backed with advanced quality.

‘Trivitron Healthcare strives for the vision of catalyzing higher quality of life with our best innovations and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India. As a Global Medical Technology company, we bring excellence in every product we deliver in India and across the world. Trivitron is working towards a strong fulling mission of transforming healthcare & human welfare by implementing new technologies and strategies. With our new indigenous manufacturing, we will contribute to cutting down imports of ultrasound products and fulfilling the demand for affordable ultrasound devices surging across the nation. In the coming years, with focused business strategies, we will come up with many new indigenous product portfolios and make India the top destination for advanced healthcare and revolutionary medical technologies.’ shares Ms. Chandra Ganjoo, Group Chief Executive Officer, Trivitron Healthcare.

With a potential for a strong domestic market and other endowing factors, India is set to emerge as an ideal destination for setting up manufacturing facilities. The set-up of indigenous manufacturing facilities will make an impact on the Indian healthcare system and preventive care by reducing high dependence on imports for addressing domestic demand.

‘The new manufacturing facility will ensures that the customers in India can benefit from standardized delivery timelines, latest technology, and affordability.  The combination of smart AI features and wide variety of probes in the Indigenous SonoRad series will offer our customers with high diagnostic confidence that is needed to help optimize patient outcomes. The new facility will be manufacturing basic to advanced ultrasound devices to meet the everlasting demands of every aspect of the medical needs. The new SonoRad ultrasound series will provide important diagnostic information to our user, including maternal-fetal medicine who are dealing with the potential of high-risk pregnancies, as well as for urology and cardiac imaging,’ shares Mr. Sudip Bagchi, President, Trivitron Healthcare.

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