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Trivitron brings Space technology for Medical Professionals

22 - September - 2021


Trivitron brings Space technology for Medical Professionals

Higher durability, stain resistance, antimicrobial properties that offer lower weight, and optimum temperature regulation

22, September, 2021: Trivitron Healthcare, one of India’s leading medical technology innovators has announced a breakthrough in the field of radiation protective wear for the medical fraternity with the launch of its SpaceD Radiation protection aprons. These aprons will be marketed under their radiology vertical brand, Kiran. The newest offering SpaceD Radiation Protection Aprons uses Outlast technology, originally developed for NASA. These aprons utilize phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.

SpaceD Radioprotection Aprons can regulate the surgeon's body temperature during stressful procedures, to help them avoid fatigue as it is lightweight and protects them from sweating. This technology manages temperature, heat, sweat, and moisture can make one feel relaxed while performing long surgical procedures in operating rooms. 

Considering the fact that an interventional surgeon and supporting healthcare professionals generally would need to wear Radiation Protection Gear for long durations during a day; it is important that these products are made as comfortable as possible to wear in addition to providing the functional requirement of radiation attenuation as specified in IEC and ASTM standards.

Mr. Satyaki Banerjee, CEO – Medical Imaging, Trivitron Healthcare: "Trivitron has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology with its innovations and inclusion of industry benchmarked products and services. In keeping with this we have now launched SpaceD Radioprotection Aprons that offer optimum protection along with great comfort. We are excited at the prospect of offering medical professionals space age technology that ensures their well-being and helps them stay focussed during long hours of surgery and procedures."

Overexposure to radiation leads to a multitude of health effects that can range from burns, radiation sickness, to permanent damage to the skin & bone-marrow, genetic mutation and cancer.

The manifestation of such health effects is dependent on the nature of exposure: Exposure to a high dose of radiation over a short time span can produce acute effects such as skin redness, hair loss, radiation burns, or acute radiation syndrome. These are known as the deterministic effects of radiation exposure. Exposure to low dose scatter radiation over an extended period of time may lead to a significant risk of long-term effects such as cancer, which may appear years or even decades later. These are known as the stochastic effects of radiation exposure. It is the stochastic effects of radiation that pose the greatest risks for healthcare professionals.

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