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Relief Camp

01 - June - 2015

The deep depression over the Bay of Bengal brought heavy and continuous rain falls in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, India. The state has battled with one of the worst floods in the history. Several districts submerged and left a trail of destruction. More than 2500 villages were badly affected and 60 percent of the capital city Chennai went under water, and same was the situation of
the families of the students from St. Thomas School, the school adopted by Trivitron Healthcare Private Limited.
A relief camp under MITR was organised by the Trivitron CSR team and rehabilitation support provided to the affected families of the students along with food, groceries, blankets, medicines, books and any other kind of support needed. Damaged building portions of the school and houses are also being taken care of and a series of rehab sessions have been organised with the help of experts, focusing on educating them regarding epidemics, post the disaster and keeping them calm. The objective of this initiative was to make them self sufficient once again.

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