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Make in India- a dream or reality?

10 - January - 2017

An article by Dr. GSK Velu Chairman & Managing Director, Trivitron Healthcare. 

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India (MII) Policy turned 2 years old, the Indian manufacturing industry is on the move to set a firm foothold, globally. Elevating India to become a hub of manufacturing, the government of India has strategic plans put in place to pump in hefty investments to the country. Fostering innovation in all sectors, PM’s MII pillars focused on the following aspects- improving the ease of doing business by de-licensing and de-regulation, enabling infrastructure such as industrial corridors and opening up FDI. However, in order to bring in an adequate amount of investments and solicit robust growth in the manufacturing industry, the business environment in India itself needs to be more conducive. This policy, if implemented rightly, has significant scope for transforming the overall development of the country.

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