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Imaging considerations in COVID-19 patients

29 - May - 2020

In a hospital setting where COVID-19 patients are treated, the hospital staffs are the first ones to come in contact with infected patients and therefore clear infection control guidelines are imperative. COVID-19 patients requiring general radiography need to get it through portable imaging systems to restrict patient movement or through standalone units in some cases. Patients who need to be transported to imaging department must be moved only after proper gowning and masking. Imaging as well as other equipments used during the examinations must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after the procedure. Also, clinicians attending COVID-19 patients must exercise the required precautionary measures to avoid cross contamination. Any non-urgent medical procedure, OPD consultations must be rescheduled. Also, according to 'The British Society of Skeletal Radiologists', intra-articular, soft tissue and perineural steroid injections should not be performed as they may reduce viral immunity.

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