Academic Collaborations for Innovative Medical Technology
A strong academic background combined with expertise that understands the healthcare needs of the country, can work wonders for medical technology space. Trivitron has teamed up with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras to set up the Trivitron Innovation Centre, a first of its kind industry academia collaboration for R&D of medical technology.

A joint effort of Trivitron, IIT, Madras, one of the most reputed national institutes in higher technological education, the Trivitron Innovation Centre is a centre of excellence for design and development of medical technology products that are cost effective as well as of the highest quality.

The team has initiated works in focused segments including Cardiology, Critical Care, Vision care (ophthalmology) and Clinical Diagnostics. Products developed and under trail are cardiac positioning system, Mobile Retinal screening system, wireless ECG systems and Syringe pumps.

Trivitron Research Park, a dedicated research centre with a state-of-the-art biomedical engineering lab and wet lab and researchers innovating leading edge medical technology for our indigenous line of medical technology products, is established in partnership with IIT-M. The R&D centres is another step towards making India self-sufficient in medical technology

We also have other indigenous initiatives for manufacturing In-Vitro Diagnostics instruments and reagent in collaboration with Anna University, Chennai. We also have a strategic partnership with Sree Chirta TIrunal Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum for research and development in cardiac space

We also recently acquired Labsystems Diagnostics, Finland which has many patents against its name in the field of clinical diagnostics. The Multiskan, world's first revolutionary microplate ELISA reader was developed and launched to global markets way back in 1978. Few of the other patented products include BIOCARD POCT for Celiac Disease, Myset POCT, Multianalyte device for POCT tests etc.

With USA, India and Europe based R&D teams of Engineers to design and develop medical technology solutions, we look forward to innovating technology that speaks your language today, as well as tomorrow.
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