Lab Diagnostics (IVD)
Precision is everything, in diagnostics. And precision is an area of expertise at Trivitron. From diagnostic kits to analysers and reagents, every product performs impeccably, at any given time.

Trivitron offers comprehensive solutions in In-Vitro diagnostics combining Clinical Chemistry, Haemotology, Microbiology, Immunology, Point of Care diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Histopathology and other niche areas like Neo-Natal screenings, Electrophoresis, Diabetic testing, etc.

As one of the largest IVD player of Indian origin with global focus, we also offer you a wide range of laboratory solutions from products and technology of leading international brands like Sebia, Qiagen, HologicInc, Lab Systems Group and Diasorin to indigenous solutions from Trivitron. Trivitron is also looking to acquire leading-edge technology companies of European and the American origin to make these technologies accessible and affordable to the emerging markets by setting up manufacturing infrastructure in India for value and premium segments and making world class IVD technologies available to all.

Cellenium, Nanolab, Lablyte, Labmate, Urimate, etc., Trivitron’s own manufacturing brands, has become well-known & most accepted brand in pathological laboratories across India with significant market presence & share. Soon, these products will be exported to emerging markets like Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, South Asia, South-East Asia, Greater China, etc.
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The Echelon MRI is a superior quality MRI equipment giving me the flexibility and ease-of-use to screen patients efficiently.
Dr. John Sudhakar
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