Radiation Protection in Healthcare Professionals' Safety & Patient Care

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Why is Radiation Protection important for healthcare professionals

Essential for healthcare professionals, radiation protection is vital in minimizing exposure risks, ensuring their safety and well-being while delivering quality patient care.

Radiation Protection Aprons:

Full-body radiation aprons shield patients and practitioners in medical imaging, ensuring safety from ionizing radiation.

Radiation Protection Gloves:

A lead-free glove shields the hands during X-ray procedures, reducing radiation exposure for health professionals.

Radiation Protection Eyewear:

Protect your eyes with European glasses that absorb 99% of radiation, ensuring long-lasting protection during extended exposure.

Radiation Protection Shields:

Radiation shields from Kiran provide ergonomic safety to protect sensitive body parts from scattered radiation.

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Trivitron provides a range of radiation protection products, ensuring a safe healthcare environment for professionals and patients.