FPD C-Arms: Revolutionizing Medical Imaging

Flat Panel Detector (FPD) C-Arms have replaced traditional Image Intensifiers, offering superior image quality and lower radiation exposure.

Imaging Evolution:

Digital Precision:

FPDs capture X-ray images like digital cameras, using pixels for sharper details and improved diagnostics

Key Components

FPD C-Arms consist of a digital camera, X-ray generator, flat panel detector, and a high-resolution monitor.

How It Works

X-rays are converted into light and electrical signals, then digitized for high-resolution images.


FPD C-Arms offer less radiation, superior image quality, portability, and advanced technology

Choosing the Best:

Consider system power, field of view, monitor output, and overall image quality.

Future of Imaging

FPD C-Arms, like Trivitron's Elite/Infinity, are transforming healthcare with precision and efficiency.

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